Particl Data Dictionary

Definitions of common terms used in the Particl API and in Reporting

Response Data Dictionary

Company Response Definitions

company_idA unique id representing a companyString
nameA name of a companyString
vertical_pcA vertical’s product categoryString
socialA dictionary of social networks that a company representsDictionary
locationA dictionary representing the address of a company (city, state, zip code, and country)Dictionary
revenueA company’s or product’s total revenue made over a specified period of timeDecimal
units_movedA company’s or product’s total units moved over a specified period of timeInteger
revenue_growthThe percentage a company has grown over a specified period of timeDecimal
average_product_priceaverage price of all products for a specified companyDecimal
product_countTotal number of products that a company salesInteger
variant_countTotal number of variants/skus that a company salesInteger
timeseriesA list of days that display sales related information at either a product or company level. (product sales or company sales)List
appAverage Product Price for a companyDecimal
pcProduct Count, the number of products a company has for a given dayInteger
vcVariant Count, the number of variants a company has for a given dayInteger
top_productsTop performing products for a company or collectionDictionary
collectiona collection of companies that a user can create and defineDictionary
prev_period_units_movedWhen comparing two date ranges, this indicates how many units were previously movedInteger
prev_period_revenueWhen comparing two date ranges, this indicates how much revenue was previously madeInteger
growth_rateWhen comparing two date ranges, this indicates the growth of the second range over the firstDecimal
units_moved_growth_rateWhen comparing two date ranges, this indicates the change in number of products soldDecimal
product_idA unique id (by company) that identifies a specific productString
variant_idA unique id (by company and product) that identifies a specific variant (sku) of a productString
titleA title representing a productString
urlurl representing a link to the actual product page on the company’s siteString
dateRepresents when either an event or data collection occurredString
event_nameType of Recent Event (price_change, new_product, variant_sold_out, variant_restock)String
price_changeAn event that represents price changesDictionary
new_productAn event that represents new product launchesDictionary
variant_sold_outAn event that represents when a specific variant/sku sells outDictionary
variant_restockAn event that represents when a specific variant/sku restocksDictionary
original_priceThe original price of a product/variantDecimal
new_priceThe new price of a product/variantDecimal
price_changeA value amount that represents how much a product price has changedDecimal
imageA url that links to an image hosted by the company we are trackingString
sold_out_volumeThe number of latest units sold until the product/variant was sold outInteger
restock_amountThe number of units that were restocked for a product/variantInteger
last_updatedWhen an event or data entry was last updatedString
recommend_typeA type of notification that is presented in our app. Invites a user to explore certain values regarding a customer’s tracked companies.String
sales_spikeA recommendation (notification) that represents a sales_spike for a specific companyDictionary
additional_statsA value specific to recommendations (notifications) that hold additional data for a specific recommend_typeDictionary
sales_revenue_originalA company’s original revenue valueDecimal
spike_occured_onA date when a sales_spike occurredString
sales_revenueA company, product, or variant salesDecimal
sales_volume_originalThe original recorded volume (A value used before processing occurs)Decimal
created_onThe date an event was added to our databaseString
monthly_revenueA company’s revenue updated monthly, utilized for filtering searchesDecimal
termA category used in searchingString
vertical_pcA vertical product count, which represents the number of products in select categories within a companyInteger
vertical_rev_percentA vertical revenue percentage, which represents the percent of select categories within a companyDecimal
rev_percentThe revenue percentage that represents the percentage a product category represents within a company product typeDecimal
verticalsA list of different categories of products that a company salesList
traffic_rankA value that represents how popular a site is, the lower the value, the more popular a site is.Integer
product_titleA title representing a productString
product_urlurl representing a link to the actual product page on the company’s siteString
product_typeA classification for a specific productString
display_titleA title representing a productString
velocityA value for product that represents how well it is selling (higher the better)Decimal
raw_revenueRevenue value before additional processing has occurredDecimal
raw_units_movedNumber of units moved before processing has occurredInteger
imagesa list of URLs that correspond to image urls for a productList
pricethe current price of a product/variantDecimal
genderA product classifier determine the gender of a productString
colorsIf applicable, this list represents the color options for a productList
sizesIf applicable, this list represents the sizes for a productList
unique_colorsColors of products that a company salesList
unique_gendersGenders that a company typically creates products forList
unique_product_typesProduct types that a company typically creates and sells products forList
topicA topic associated with subtopics for classifying purposesString
sub_topicA subtopic of a topic for classifying purposesString

Product Response Definitions

luz_similarity_scoreThis score represents how similar two products are to each other. The higher the value, the more similar they areDecimal
image_scoreThe similarity score of two imageDecimal
price_scoreThe similarity score of two pricesDecimal
size_scoreThe similarity score of two sizesDecimal
gender_scoreThe similarity score of two gendersDecimal
scraped_product_type_scorethe similarity score of two product types/categories scoreDecimal
title_scoreThe similarity score of two titlesDecimal
skusA List of skus/variant ids that uniquely identify a variantString
average_priceaverage price of all products for a specified companyDecimal
average_variant_priceaverage price of all variants for a specified companyDecimal
total_inventoryThe number of units for a specified productDecimal
units_movedThe number of units moved for a specified productInteger
restockA True or False value that represents if a variant was restocked on a specified day or notBoolean
descriptionA description of a specified productString

Generated Reports and Emails

Company Export

dateThe day the item was collectedString
variant_idA value representing a sku of a specific productString
companyName of the companyString
productTitle of the productString
urlurl representing a link to the actual product page on the company’s siteString
current_priceThe current price of the variant/product at the time of data collectionDecimal
sales_volumeThe amount of units sold (of a product) on that dateInteger
inventoryThe amount of units remaining for a specific variant/productInteger

Findings Report

product_sales_revenueTotal sales revenue made for the top 5 performing products in comparison to a company’s total revenueDecimal
top_variantsTop Performing Variants/Skus for a companyList
revenueTotal revenue made for a product or variantDecimal
volumeNumber of units soldInteger
nameName of the product or variantString

Weekly Report

RevenueTotal weekly revenue for a company, and the trend shows changes relative to the previous weekDecimal
unit_volumeTotal number of products sold over the past week, the trend shows changes relative to the previous weekInteger
top_productsA list of the top performing products with sales revenue and units sold associated with each oneList