Getting Started

Examples in Python of how to effectively use the Particl API

The Particl API provides programmatic access to Particl's data set, allowing customers to streamline data into their own systems. It's a REST api that allows apps to query company and product level data.

For quick start examples of how to effectively use Particl's API see below.

Visit API Reference to see all available endpoints.


The Particl API uses API keys to authenticate requests. API keys are managed in the My Account page in the Particl App. Authorization is done through an Authorization header.

headers = {
    'authorization': '<your-api-token>',

Find a Company's ID with Company Search

Particl uses IDs internally to connect all data. Many companies hoping to use the Particl API begin with a list of domains. In order to connect a domain to an ID, you can hit the Company Search endpoint.

import requests
import json

# constants
domain_to_search = ""
headers = {
    'authorization': '<your-api-token>',
params = (
    ('domain', domain_to_search),

# make a response
response = requests.get('', headers=headers, params=params)

# print response

This response will have a list of companies matching the domain.


API Development in progress

We're currently working on the ability to query endpoints by passing in a domain as a parameter, for now we require users to first hit our company search endpoint to collect IDs.

The reason being domains are not cemented in stone (ie can change over time) and there are issues with uniqueness when you introduce subdomains and localized domains.

See Query Company Sales next to learn how to get Company Level Sales Data